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APARTMENT MANAGERS AS DRIVERS OF OUR GROWTH is run by women entrepreneurs. Each Apartment is managed by a women entrepreneur who acts as an Apartment Manager. All sales and services to that particular apartment is managed by that Apartment manager. People residing in that apartment can consider the Apartment Manager as first point of contact for any purchase or sales related services.




Apartment Managers are messengers of the growth engine for our sales in their respective apartments/ societies. All sales and after sales services to their apartments are governed by that Apartment manager. An Apartment manager’s responsibility is to engage the society members through a platform (whatsapp group) and share the latest catalog launches on daily basis. They can simply forward the daily updates shared by the central managing team. They can interact with their society members, collect their orders and place cumulative order on daily basis. All shipments will be done to that Apartment Manager and she will be responsible to deliver and collect money from the residents for the sale.



An apartment manager will be paid on monthly basis depending upon the sales. The payout is calculated for all orders between 1st – 30th of every month and paid out on 1st of the coming month. There are different benefits and payout plans as well to pick among. You can complete the below registration form for further details. There is no initial investment required from an Apartment manager. Her sole responsibility is to engage the society members (through whatsapp or other social platforms) and generate sales. She can provide Cash on Delivery services to Society members. She will get all support from central team in this endeavour.


We serve all over India through our delivery network and you can represent any Apartment in India. Only restriction is you should be a resident owner of the apartment you are willing to represent. We are currently in process of finalising Apartment managers for other apartments in different cities of India, namely, Ajmera Infinity Apartments , Ajmera Annex Apartments, Shriram Signiaa, The Coach Villaments, SJR Equinox, Prestige Sunrise Park-Norwood, Prestige Sunrise Park -Birchwood, Smondovilla , Smondo 2.0,  Smondo 3.0, Ittina Mahaveer , Ganga Vertica, Genesis Ecosphere, Phoenix Meadows, SVR Orchid, Himagiri Silicon City, Celebrity Classic Apartments. There will be only one Apartment manager for a society, so hurry up.
In the event of absence of representation for your apartment, we will consider your interest. Our company representative will guide you on the on boarding process and on sales generation for next 15 days. From the next month, you can engage and lead the sales for your society on your own.


The Apartment Manager position is revised every quarter after seeing your quarterly performance. So even if currently someone else is representing your society, you can be the next Apartment manager. Company reserves its right to continue or disengage at any point of time.

If interested, you can be the Apartment Manager for your apartment. Just complete your registration and our representative will contact you.

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Note: You can drop an email or contact us over whatsapp +9180956 84725 for any further questions or clarifications.