Fickleisfun Seller Network (FSN)


Fickleisfun Seller Network (FSN)


We, here at, have come up with a solution for retailers like you- where you can sell your products and make profit in a transparent and efficient way using a simple mobile app.  


How we share the profits?


Upon every successful sale transaction, a seller will get 85℅ of sale value (after excluding GST). The pickup and last mile delivery services will be fulfilled by fickleisfun. 8℅ of transaction value is set aside for shipping and handling charges. The remaining 7% of transaction value will be used to support the marketing, marketplace and retail space for sale provided by fickleisfun. This percentage distribution is subject to revision time to time. 


How to be part of this Seller Network?


You can fill the below form showing your interest to join this seller network. Once you sign up and join this network, your products will start showing up for sale in the app.


Link to download Seller App